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Raghuveer kills his elder brother Dharamveer (Episode 85 on 17th Feb 2012)

Raghuveer and Dharamveer are brothers, who live in a small village in Rajasthan. Younger brother Raghuveer is married among them. They are potters by their dynasty and selling pitchers and other clay pots are their livelihood.

Raghuveer is satisfied with his small earnings but Dharamveer is not. Dharamveer suggests the couple to move to Mumbai and start some work there. The family of three moves to Mumbai and starts selling plastic toys at the red lights.
Younger brother Raghuveer is not convinced with so much struggle and small earnings. He decides to go back to his village. Finally he moves back to the village along with his wife.

Few years are passed, Raghuveer becomes the father of a son and the couple is happy with their small earnings and livelihood. One day Dharmveer comes to meet them. Raghuveer and his wife are very happy to see him back. He spends few days with him and then goes back. but ib between he starts liking Raghuveer's wife.

After some time he meets with Raghuveer and tells him that his owner has some black money hidden in a deserted place in Kandivali's forest. If they can manage to get this money, their life will become easy. After that Dharamvir brings him to that deserted place and attacks on him with a knife.

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