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Crime Patrol Actresses - Rare Faces, List 13 | Video List 7
Amazon Prime's 'DAHAAD' | Cyanide Mohan's Diary: A Record of His Murder Attempts and Strategy (Crime Patrol Sansani Episode 77)
Crimes Aajkal (Amazon MiniTV): The Last Party - A Twisted Tale of Friendship, Love, and Betrayal in Goa (Episode 4, 1 May 2023)
Writer/Actor Prem Saxena Working on a new Crime Show Named "Gupt" inspired by True Incidents.
Crimes Aajkal (Amazon MiniTV): Kill the Enemy - Online Gaming Leads Teen to Commit Murder (Episode 3, 24 Mar 2023)
Crimes Aajkal (Amazon MiniTV): The Broken Heart - Mysterious Calls and Obsession (Episode 2, 24 Mar 2023)
Crimes Aajkal (Amazon MiniTV): Reel vs Real - When a Prank Goes Wrong: Adi's Terrifying Kidnapping (Episode 1, 24 Mar 2023)
Crimes Aajkal - A new Crime show by the creators of Crime patrol, courtroom and project 9191
Crime Patrol Actors - Miscellaneous (List 14)
क्राइम पट्रोल की शूटिंग बंद. क्या अनूप सोनी फिर से शो को होस्ट करेंगे?
Crime Patrol Shooting Stopped, Anup Soni to be back as Show Host...!!
#BoycottSonyTV and Episode Deleted after telecast of Shraddha Walkar Murder case | Crime Patrol 2.0 Episode 212
Producer Pragnya Das Singh coming up with a New Crime Thriller Webseries after the Massive hit of her last Webseries "Love Jugaad"
Writer/Actor Prem Saxena roped in for a mini-series titled ‘The Game Plan’
Mentally Challenged Khushi becomes Pregnant (Episode 144, 145 on 18, 19 Aug 2012)
Geetanjali Mishra: Crime Patrol Actors and Actresses
NETFLIX: Indian Predator - Murder in Courtroom [State v/s Geeta Jagtap and Other: Serial Rapist and murderer Akku Yadav mob lynchinged by a crowd of 200 women in 2004 (Courtroom Episode 3, 4 on 16, 17 Feb 2019)]
Serial Killer: MP's Aadesh Khambra who killed near 33 truck drivers and cleaners in 11 years (Episode 475 on 9 Aug 2021)
Writer/Actor: Prem Saxena
Case 12/2017: Psycho killer of Alwar kills his wife and cuts into pieces (Episode 769 on 17th Feb, 2017)
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