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Crime Patrol Case 12/2019: Jaipur's mother killed 4 months old daughter because she wanted boy (Ep 85 on 8 Nov, 2019, Crime Patrol Satark Season 2)

2019 का केस 12
Case 12/2019
Ep. 85 - An Abominable Crime - 8 November 2019
The story belongs to Jaipur, Rajasthan where an infant baby girl Mahi suddenly went missing from her home. It was 25th Aug 2016 near 2pm she was sleeping after taking a feed from her mother Neha Goel. When Neha got up near 4pm she found Mahi is missing from her bed. She asked everyone in the home but no one was able to give her answer where the girl went. They looked upon every place in the home and then Neha's sister in law found her in an abandoned AC's back cover tied in a red blanket.
She was dead and they found marks of injuries on her neck. Police were called immediately and they questioned each and every member and servant of the home. They also questioned the past 8 servants who had left their services. The case took 13 days to solve with a horrific truth about the murder of a baby girl.

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