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Crimes Aajkal - A new Crime show by the creators of Crime patrol, courtroom and project 9191

There is good news for Crime Patrol fans, but the good news is not that Crime Patrol is starting again. We do not have any confirmed news about it. However, a new show is going to be launched that, in my opinion, will be comparable to Crime Patrol to a great extent. And especially for those people who liked Optimystix Production House's Crime Patrol, their prayers have been answered. Maybe my prayers have also been answered because some time ago, I messaged Subramanian Ayyar, aka Subbu sir, to bring something like Crime Patrol with him on OTT. Now, I don't know if Subbu sir paid attention to my message or not, but I got my answer.
Optimistic Production and Subbu sir's Crime Patrol was the show that was aired between 2011 and 2015 as Crime Patrol Dastak and from 2015 to 2018 as Crime Patrol Satark, and it was due to this show that Crime Patrol was able to achieve great success. These episode series were created by director Subbu and now, after almost 4 years, Subbu and Optimistics are coming together again with a new show called "Crimes Nowadays", which will be broadcast on the OTT platform Amazon Mini TV.

Watch video below for more details...

Season 1 Episode List

  1. S1 E1: Reel vs Real
  2. S1 E2: The Broken Heart
  3. S1 E3: Kill the Enemy
  4. S1 E4: The Last Party
  5. S1 E5: The Trap
  6. S1 E6: No Way Out
  7. S1 E7: War Of Words
  8. S1 E8: The Scapegoat
  9. S1 E9: The Missing Links
  10. S1 E10: Pursuit Of Desire

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  1. Although I am an avid fan of Optimistics Crime Patrol episodes and used to follow Subbu sir in twitter, I must say that this new Crime Aajkal webseries is as bad as Crime patrol dial 100 episodes. Really irritating anchoring, boring actions, It needs to be produced in the way, Crime patrol Satark, however, the three episodes so far shot for amazon mini tv is absolutely boring and time waste. I wish to watch old Crime patrol Satarak / dastak episodes repeatedly instead of watching this new web series formatted episodes.

  2. it is like the latest Crime patrol satark episodes nowadays being aired, I think Subbu Sir also not interested to make new projects in the the classic satark 2 / 3 days formats. Instead he chose to follow the irritating and boring web-series format for this program. Really sad and I think there is no other option, but to watch those classic episodes till 2018 repeatedly instead of wasting time for these new web-series formatted episodes,