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Crime Patrol's Most Well Known Starcast List 2

Priyanka Bhole, Prinal Oberoi, Ankita Bhargava, Nissar Khan, Sanjeev Tyagi, Rajendra Shisatkar, Malini Sengupta, Ekta Tiwari, Mahendi Pravin Jain, Gauri Yadav Tonk
The list contains
Priyanka Bhole, Prinal Oberoi, Ankita Bhargava, Nissar Khan, Sanjeev Tyagi, Rajendra Shisatkar, Malini Sengupta, Ekta Tiwari, Mahendi Pravin Jain, Gauri Yadav Tonk

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Crime Patrol Actresses List Videos

Priyanka Bhole

Priyanka Bhole Sidana is one of the most beautiful young actresses of Crime Patrol and till now she has played two roles. Both of her roles were appreciated a lot. She is basically from Pune and she came into world of acting after completing her studies...Visit Profile.

Prinal Oberoi

Prinal recently played the role of Jasmin is a Crime Patrol episode in which she played the role of a victim who was blackmailed by a known person after losing her mobile phone...Visit Profile.

Ankita Bhargava

Nissar Khan

Crime Patrol which is running successfully on Sony Tv for more than a decade is also known for its strong characters who always worked like a pillar for the show. Nissar Khan is one...View Profile.

Sanjeev Tyagi

Sanjeev Tyagi has also been another pillar of Crime Patrol series who has played more than 150 episodes till now. He started Crime Patrol as a character artist...View Profile.

Rajendra Shisatkar

Actor Rajendra Shisatkar is primarly known for his brilliant performances in Crime Patrol Episodics. He is a Maharashtrian and his first movie was 2008th Nighale. He was also seen in a bollywood award winning movie Mumbai Meri Jaan...View Profile.

Malini Sengupta

Ekta Tiwari

Before acting Ekta was a producer with a company named Wizcraft. In Wizcraft she assisted Nach Baliye Season 4. But it was her passion to become an actor. During her production career she was willing to learn how things work in the industry...Visit Profile.

Mahendi Pravin Jain

Gauri Yadav Tonk

Gauri Yadav introduces to TV shows during 2001 and did a couple of dance shows and daily soap between 2001-2004. After that, she got marry to Yash Tonk who is also a known face and working in TV Serials and few movies for a long time. His most admire role when he played character ...Visit Profile.

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  1. i really love few actor from crime petrol sanjeev tyagi, nissar khan,
    Rajendra Shisatkar. they are just awesome by doing police role.

    great buddy keep it wishes for them...

  2. Who played the actress in crime patrol episode 465allahabad murder -9 may 2017

  3. Who played the actress in crime patrol episode 465 Allahabad murder-9 may 2017

  4. Who played the role of noor in crime petrol episode 388, bhivandi tripple murder case.
    Please tell me the name , i like her very much and wanna know more about her.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. How played the role of 3 girls who were killed and raped in today episode july 4 2018 which is telecasted at 11 pm

  8. Sir
    Since last few episodes inspector Mr Sanjeev tyagi is not performing in crime patrol . What's the reason..
    He is one of the best actor..givgng justice to his role... Pls invite mr Sanjeev Tyagi in future episodes...

  9. I love crime patrol all characters are superb keep it i think this serial has more trp

  10. Rakesh jadhab sir is well inspector

  11. well directed, tight scripts,all actors are great, you can't stop yourself once start seeing.

  12. This is my favourite show. Inspector sunil is best. But I want Mazher Sayyad in next episode. It's a humble request.

  13. Girl played role in episode 605 cruelty real name

  14. Crime Patrol is best stories so I like this episode I'll likely you are stories and program you are actor Anup Soni I like

  15. With Anup Soni's comeback in 2019, I am delighted to see some of my favourite actors and actresses like Mr. Rajendra Shisatkar, Mr. Ujjwal Chopra. Hopefully we will see them regularly. They are so talented. While Mr. Soni was out Crime Patrol episodes became boring and that Pau bhaji Inspector played by some lousy actor was driving me crazy. I am enjoying the episodes now.

  16. I love watching CP Satark. Very good direction as compared to dial100

  17. What happen to the inspector rakesh Yadav why don't he do any episodes any more specialy after the come back of Anup sonii pls replay many thanks

  18. We miss actors like Rajendraji, Nissarji, Geetanjaliji, Ujjwalji and the actresses who played the female police officer's role. Please bring them back and get rid of that annoying/irritating actor who plays a police officer's role( Pav bhaji inspector guy).

    1. Absolutely. he is an irritating actor. Crime Patrol team should bring back legends like Nissar Khan, Sanjeev Tyagi, Gulshan Pandey, Ujjwal Chopra, Darshan Dave etc. This pav bhaji inspector is comedian I guess. if I were the director, I would have thrown him out