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Crime Patrol | Auto driver Suresh's son Raju kidnapped for a ransom of rupee 1 crore (Episode 182, 183 on 24, 25 Nov 2012)

Raju is a 10-year-old talkative boy. His father Suresh Dhingra is an Auto Driver. A day while playing Kabaddi Raju goes missing. Suresh reports police and after some time he gets a call from the kidnapper. Kidnapper asks him a ransom of rupee 1 crore. Though Suresh is an auto driver, he has big land (plot). Kidnapper asks him to sell his property and pay the ransom.

The Police doubt there must be a close friend or relative who knows Suresh well and knows about his property also.

Who kidnapped Raju?
Police will be able to save Raju?
Did Suresh paid the Ransom?Here is the inside story of the case:

Tags: Melanie Nazareth, amritsar, auto driver, child, dhapai village, dhingra, gali teliyan, govind nagar, hakiman, kidnap, sanju, sharab
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