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Case 13/2018: Farmer Balraj (Laxman) beheaded in the dark night in his farm (Episode 906, 907 on 31st Mar, 01 Apr 2018)
Case 74/2017: Mystery behind Dhananjay Chaudary's Missing (Ep 876/877 on 9/10 Dec, 2017 Crime Patrol Satark Season 1)
  Case 66/2017: Millionaire, Elderly couple Jai Kishan and wife Geeta found murdered, daughter prime suspect (Ep 860, 861 on 7th, 8th Oct, 2017)
Dead End: Mysterious murder of junior advocate also parent's spoiled brat son Santosh Mahato (Episode 729, 730 on 29th, 30th Oct, 2016)
Gudiya: MP women kept in cowshed and raped by Husband, friends and kins for 3 years (Crime Patrol Dial 100 Episode 163 on 13th June, 2016)
Loot: Rupee 3 crore looted from a security van. Driver involved (Episode 593, 594 on 13th, 14th Nov, 2015)
Driving into danger: Couple Gaurav and Ruchika goes missing (Episode 470, 472 on 14th, 15th Feb 2015)
Auto driver Suresh's son Raju kidnapped for a ransom of rupee 1 crore (Episode 182, 183 on 24th-25th Nov 2012)
Triple Murder of Junaid, Nilofer and their daughter (Episode 47 on 7th October 2011)
Murder of a failed businessman Sandeep Parekh - Rajkot (Episode 8 on 21 May 2011)
Mayur's fiance Poonam goes missing (Episode 2 on 30 April 2011)
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