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Crime Patrol's Most Well Known Starcast List 8

The list contains profiles of urvashi sharma, shipra rastogi, akansha sharma, radhika chhabra, mansi joshi, sonam arora, reema worah, rashmi gupta, dolly chawala and sneha jain
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Crime Patrol Actresses List Videos
Urvashi Sharma, Crime Patrol female Cast

Urvashi Sharma

...Visit Profile.
Shipra Rastogi, Crime Patrol female Cast

Shipra Rastogi

Talented Shipra Rastogi did her masters in Journalism and Mass Communication from Kurukshetra University. Apart from acting, she loves photography also...
Visit Profile.

Akansha Sareen, Crime Patrol female Cast

Akansha Sareen

Young, talented, hot and sexy Akansha Sareen is a model turned actor who has been a part of Miss Delhi NCR 2014 contest where she rewarded as first runner up...
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Radhika Chhabra, Crime Patrol female Cast

Radhika Chhabra

Radhika Chhabra aka Rads frequently appears on Crime Patrol Dastak 2 and Crime Patrol Satark episodes. This talented and sexy girl comes from...Visit Profile.

Mansi Jain, Crime Patrol female Cast

Mansi Jain

Mansi hails from Jaipur Rajasthan and started her television career during 2008 when she appeared in her first TV show NDTV Imagine's...Visit Profile.

Sonam Arora, Crime Patrol female Cast

Sonam Arora

Sonam Arora is an Indian actress who started her carrier as a Bollywood actress. The debuted herself with a suspense thriller Bollywood Villa in 2014 and...Visit Profile.

Reema Worah

Actress Reema Wohrah (Reema Vora) often appears in episodes of Crime Patrol Dial 100 (Crime Patrol Satark Season 2) and LifeOK's Savdhaan India. Before this she has played Sanjana in...Visit Profile.

Rashmi Gupta

Actress Rashmi Gupta belongs to Lucknow (UP). She shares that it was her month and brother's encouragement that she came to Mumbai for 3 months to try her luck. She says that she started getting offers with...Visit Profile.

Dolly Chawla

Dolly belongs to Delhi and has been 2nd runner up in the 2012 Miss Delhi contest. She did her final studies from Delhi University and then she moved to Mayanagri Mumbai to pursue her...Visit Profile.

Sneha Jain

Princess of sweet voice and good look Sneha is now a well-known television actress. Apart from TV soaps, she can also be seen in various TV commercials...Visit Profile.

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Ep 586 Mistake by Murder. Actress name of the Character Savita.
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It is good to see Anup Soni back. I am so glad to see the former Crime Patrol actors back again. I was tired of seeing that vada pau inspector.
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