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Crime Patrol | Case 70/2017: Bhopal Shocker, Truck driver Sanjay's plan to rescue Chanda (Ep 868, 869 on 4, 5 Nov 2017 Crime Patrol Satark)

2017 का सत्तरवाँ केस
Case 70/2017

(Broken Fate, Ep. 868, 869)

Chanda (played by Sharvi Mota) is a s*x worker who works under Salma (played by Geetanjali Mishra). Apart from that there are many other girls but Chanda is a qualified one and speaks a little English as well. The environment where she works is very strict. If the girls try to escape from there, then Salma punishes them hard, so no one tries to escape from there.

Sanjay (played by Nikhil Pandey) is a truck driver who often comes to meet Chanda and gradually falls in love with her. He wants to marry Chanda and for that he plans to drive Chanda away from there.

चंदा एक से*स वर्कर है जो की सलमा के यहाँ काम करती है. उसके अलावा और भी कई लड़कियाँ  हैं मगर चंदा पढ़ी-लिखी है और थोड़ी इंग्लिश भी बोल लेती है. वो जहाँ काम करती है वहाँ का माहौल बहुत सख़्त है. अगर वहाँ से लड़कियाँ भागने की कोशिश करती हैं तो सलमा उनको कड़ी सज़ा देती है इसलिए कोई भी वहाँ से भागने की कोशिश नहीं करता.

संजय एक ट्रक ड्राइवर है जो की अक्सर चंदा से मिलने आता रहता है और धीरे धीरे चंदा से प्यार करने लगता है. वो चंदा से शादी करना चाहता है और उसके लिए वो चंदा को वहाँ से भगाने का प्लान बनाता है.

Few of the Actors:

inside story
Nikhil Pandey, Sharvi Mota and Geetanjali Mishra

Online Episode on SonyLiv:
Part 1:
Part 2:

Online Episode on YouTube:
Part 1:
Part 2:

Based on a real incident of Bhopal. The incident came into light when the traffickers kidnapped 20 year old Rupal aka Gaurav Sharma who was son of Vipin Pandey's uncle Prakash Sharma. Rupal was kidnapped from Shivaji Nagar in a Tavera.

Prakash Sharma informed police that his nephew Vinay had affair with Gudiya and both Vipin and Gudiya were at his residence when the attackers reached their home and took Rupal with them on behalf of Gudiya.

Here is the inside story of the case:

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