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Case 14/2019: Dehradun's Kamna Rohilla murder case (Ep 88/89 on 13/14 Nov, 2019 Crime Patrol Satark Season 2)
Case 10/2019: Housewife shagun found in a pool of blood (Ep 80 on 1 Nov 2017 Crime Patrol Satark Season 2)
Khamoshi*: The mystery behind Megha Guleria's sucide unfolded after 14 years (Ep 63, 64 on 9, 10 Oct, 2020 Crime Patrol Satark Season 2)
Aankh Micholi: Housewife Jigna found murdered in a hotel room (Ep 53 on 25 Sep, 2019 Crime Patrol Satark Season 2)
Case 31/2018 (Bengali): Income tax Inspector Lokesh Chaudhary's wife Munesh goes missing
Case 70/2017: Bhopal Shocker, Truck driver Sanjay's plan to rescue Chanda (Ep 868, 869 on 4, 5 Nov, 2017 Crime Patrol Satark)
Case 64/2017: TCS Software Engineer Ankit Chauhan murder case (Ep 856, 857 on 27, 28 Sep, 2017 Crime Patrol Satark)
Case 59/2017: (Ep 847 on 25 Aug, 2017 Crime Patrol Satark Season 1)
Imtihaan: Mysterious murder case of Engineering student Arun Gupta (Episode 749 on 23rd December, 2016)
Dead End: Mysterious murder of junior advocate also parent's spoiled brat son Santosh Mahato (Episode 729, 730 on 29th, 30th Oct, 2016)
Chakra: A sister's revenge on her brother's murder (Episode 674 on 24 Jun 2016)
The Godfather: Murder of aspiring actor Yogesh (Episode 484 on 20th March 2015)
A Bitter End: Murder of Ashish Taneja brings up some illict facts (Episode 337 on 7th Feb 2014)
Hiding the truth: Innocent girl Pooja becomes HIV positive becasue her father hid some truth (Episode 327, 328 on 3rd, 4th Jan 2014)
Trafficking case of Bangalore (Episode 206 on 1st Feb 2013)
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