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Crime Patrol | Case 31/2018 | Income tax Inspector Lokesh Chaudhary's wife Munesh goes missing (Episode never aired on Sony TV)

2018 का इकत्तीसवाँ केस
Case 31/2018

Basuri Singh (real name Munesh, played by Devika Sharma), has been missing for the past 12 days. She is married to Vikram Singh (real name is Lokesh Chaudhary and played by Nikhil Pandey). Vikram, who is a PWD officer, is exerting pressure on the police to locate her, but they have not been able to find any leads.

Vikram and Basuri were happily married and tied the knot just 1.5 years ago. Vikram is stationed in Vashi, Mumbai, while Basuri resides in a hostel in Vadodara, where she is preparing for banking exams. On the day she went missing, there was a withdrawal of 50,000/- from her ATM. Upon reviewing the CCTV footage, the police discovered that Basuri was withdrawing money from a nearby ATM and carrying a handbag typically used for short journeys.

When Vikram was unable to reach Basuri, he contacted his father to file a missing person report at the police station. His father lodged the complaint, and the following day, Vikram himself arrived in Vadodara.

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Based on real story of Alwar, Rajasthan.

Lokesh Choudhary, a 30-year-old income tax inspector, killed his wife Munesh and buried her body inside their house in Vadodara, Gujarat. The man, filed a missing complaint with the Jaipur police to divert suspicion. However, he was confronted by the police and confessed to the murder, citing an illicit relationship as the motive.

Choudhary arranged for his wife, Munesh, to come to Vadodara from Jaipur, where he worked. On April 11, with the help of a friend, he strangled Munesh and buried her body in their house. The police have sent a team to Vadodara to recover the body.

Choudhary had developed a relationship with another woman and was urged to divorce Munesh, but he didn't want to due to family and legal reasons. The victim's father alleged harassment and dowry demands. A case has been filed against Choudhary for kidnapping and murder.

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