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List of all the Challenge 24 hours Episodes telecasted during Aug 2023.
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40. anupyogi
31 Aug 2023
In Chandauli, Uttar Pradesh, eight-year-old Dhruv Kumar is kidnapped before his chess competition. The kidnapper demands one crore rupees from Dhruv's parents. Can the police track down the kidnappers and bring Dhruv back safely?

39. Kasak
30 Aug 2023
In Pune, Maharashtra, thirty-five-year-old Kaushik Sharma's murder is made to look like a suicide. But the police have doubts and decide to investigate further. Can they find Kaushik's killer?

38. Venom
29 Aug 2023
In Delhi, thirty-year-old Suchitra Nair dies in her home after a snake bite. However, Suchitra's family suspects foul play. Can the police uncover the truth?

37. Moksha
28 Aug 2023
In Pune, Maharashtra, 24-year-old Nidhi is molested after an office party. Her family refuses to support her in filing a complaint. Can the police help her?

36. Loser
25 Aug 2023
In Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, twenty-year-old Shalu Yadav is murdered by being burnt alive. The police suspect Shalu's stalker, Arvind. Can they find out the truth?

35. chhalawa
23 Aug 2023
In Mumbai, 28-year-old Manav More gets into a fight at an anniversary function. The next morning, Manav is found dead while his brother-in-law, Sunil Kamble, is missing. Can the police solve this mystery? this mystery?

34. the challenge
23 Aug 2023
In Madhya Pradesh, three brutal murders occur in quick succession. The serial killer challenges the police to stop him before his next target. Can the police stop him?

33. Taqdeer
22 Aug 2023
In Hyderabad, Telangana, thirty-nine-year-old Tripti Reddy is murdered in her home, and her two kids are missing. The police suspect Tripti's first husband due to her abusive past. Can they catch Tripti's murderer?

32. Ripper
21 Aug 2023
In Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, Kishan Mishra and his wife Anita are brutally murdered. Similar cases emerge, suggesting a serial killer in the city. Can the police find the criminal?

31. Bhatinda Murder Case
18 Aug 2023
In Bhatinda, Punjab, income tax officer Nimrat Arora is mysteriously murdered. The police discover Nimrat's argument with her husband before the murder. Can they uncover the truth?

30. Makadjaal
17 Aug 2023
In Ambala, Haryana, twelve-year-old Ansh Goel is murdered on his birthday, along with his parents, after eating a poisonous cake. Can the police uncover the mystery behind their deaths?

29. Mangaluru Murder Case
16 Aug 2023
In Mangaluru, Namita Hegde and her family are murdered after a birthday party. Namita's daughter, Kiara, is missing. Can the police find Kiara and the killer?

28. Ghar Wapsi
15 Aug 2023
In Rajkot, Gujarat, scientist Ashutosh Rawal's wife, Neha, is kidnapped by an extremist group. NRI businessman Sunny Shah faces a similar fate. Can the police stop the group's terrorist operation?

27. Half Truth
14 Aug 2023
In Mumbai, a woman is found on a local bus, injured and bloodied. Can the police determine what happened to her?

26. Drishtikon
11 Aug 2023
In Delhi, twin siblings Shivang and Simran Batra go on a weekend vacation but don't return. Their maid, Reshma, seeks police help. Can the police find them?

25. beraham
10 Aug 2023
In Kasaragod, Kerala, 26-year-old Kavita Purohit is killed in her home. The police suspect her estranged family. Can they find the truth?

24. sanak
09 Aug 2023
In Gurugram, Haryana, twelve-year-old Riya Parihar is kidnapped from school. The police suspect her father's enemies. Can they bring Riya safely home?

23. The Hunt
08 Aug 2023
In Kolkata, a young girl named Payal Das goes missing and is later found dead. Can the police find the killer?

22. junoon
07 Aug 2023
In Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, 18-year-old Anita Bajpayee commits suicide. Her father hides her note from the police. What's behind Anita's death?

21. Khoj
04 Aug 2023
In Kolkata, Ananya goes missing from a house party, and blood is found in the apartment. Can the police find Ananya before it's too late?

20. bandhak
03 Aug 2023
A man takes over a college classroom in Mumbai, holding students hostage. The police receive an anonymous call. Can they resolve the situation?

19. La Ilaaj
02 Aug 2023
In Nashik, Maharashtra, armed youngsters take over a hospital, holding patients and staff hostage. Can the police neutralize the situation?

18. Kohram
01 Aug 2023
Neetu, a 28-year-old woman from Madhya Pradesh, is brutally murdered in her home. Her husband seeks revenge. Can the police catch the real criminals?

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