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Crimes Aaj Kal Season 1 Inside Story Videos | List 21

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Crimes Aaj Kal S1 Episode 10: Pursuit Of Desire - The Consequences Of Impatience: Sumit's Ordeal (12 May 2023 On Amazon MiniTV)

8th grade student Sumit wants to have a mobile phone like his friends, and he keeps requesting his parents for it every day, whether in the morning or evening. However, his parents clearly tell him that he will...Watch Video.

Crimes Aaj Kal S1 Episode 9: The Missing Links - Politician's Daughter Found Dead, Another Missing: Investigation Points To Boyfriend (5 May 2023 On Amazon MiniTV)

Geeta is missing from her home, and her parents receive a letter stating that she has left with someone. Geeta's father is a politician, and with the help of the police, a search for Geeta begins. Geeta's sister says that she was talking to a boy named Ashish, and the police start investigating him...Watch Video.

Crimes Aaj Kal S1 Episode 8: The Scapegoat - The Murder Of Prithvi, A Web Of Lies And Deceit (28 Apr 2023 On Amazon MiniTV)

Navin drops off his younger brother Prithvi at their tuition master Shankar's house. A few hours later, when Prithvi's mother goes to pick him up from tuition, she finds out that he never went there. The police are informed and an investigation begins...Watch Video.

Crimes Aaj Kal S1 Episode 6: No Way Out - The Dark Side Of Social Media And The Tragic Tale Of Namrata And The Fake Account (14 Apr 2023 Amazon MiniTV)

Namrata writes a su!c!de note but disappears afterward. Her parents find a fake social media profile in her name, which had inappropriate comments and photos. The police question Namrata's three closest friends, who reveal information about her ex-boyfriend Rohit. The police suspect Rohit to be involved in the fake profile as Namrata had...Watch Video.

Crimes Aaj Kal S1 Episode 5: The Trap - The Dark World Of Sextortion: Anuj's Tragic Story (7 Apr 2023 On Amazon MiniTV)

The story begins with a police investigation into the death of Anuj. CCTV footage shows him appearing very upset before he went home and committed su!c!de. The police have concluded that it was a su!c!de, but his fiancée Natasha insists that he would never take...Watch Video.

Crimes Aaj Kal S1 Episode 4 - The Last Party: A Twisted Tale Of Friendship, Love, And Betrayal In The Mayanagri Mumbai (31 Mar 2023 On Amazon MiniTV)

This story revolves around five friends who have come to Goa to celebrate New Year's Eve. The names of these five friends are Ashima, Basant, Raunak, Sandeep, and Naina. Ashima and Sandeep are in a relationship, while Raunak and Naina's relationship is not going well. Basant is trying...Watch Video.

Crimes Aaj Kal S1 Episode 3 - Kill The Enemy: Online Gaming Leads Teen To Commit Murder (24 Mar 2023 On Amazon MiniTV)

Abhay has developed an addiction to online video games. Despite being very intelligent and performing well in the past, his grades have started to decline in his current class. One day, when his father is out of town on a business trip, Abhay's class teacher...Watch Video.

Crimes Aaj Kal S1 Episode 2 - The Broken Heart: The Perils Of Online Connections, Bangalore Techie Who Faked His Death (24 Mar 2023 On Amazon MiniTV)

Francis in Kolkata keeps receiving repeated calls from an unknown number. The caller keeps threatening him to stay away from Sofia Disuza. At first, Francis ignores the calls, but due to their continuous occurrence, he eventually goes to the police...Watch Video.

Crimes Aaj Kal S1 Episode 1 - Reel Vs Real: When A Prank Goes Wrong, Adi's Terrifying Kidnapping (24 Mar 2023 On Amazon MiniTV)

The story begins with a kidnapping drama. Adi, who is crazy for costly bikes and also loves shooting prank videos, ends up being a victim of a real kidnapping. A video of his kidnapping is uploaded to his Instagram account, where he is seen...Watch Video.

Crime Patrol: Serial Killer - MP's Aadesh Khambra Who Killed Near 33 Truck Drivers And Cleaners In 11 Years (Episode 475 On 9 Aug 2021)

भोपाल से 20-22 किलॉमेटर दूर मंडीदीप पे अपनी एक टेलर की छोटी सी दुकान चलाने वाले आदेश खांबरा 50-55 का एक आम आदमी सा दिखता है और उसको देख कर ये कोई भी नहीं कह सकता की वो एक सीरीयल किलर है जिसने 1-2 या 4 नहीं बल्कि 34 या उससे भी अधिक हत्याएँ की हैं. पुलिस ने इसको सितम्बर 2018 में भोपाल ने धर-दबोचा था और इसको...Watch Video.

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