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Crime Patrol Inside Story Videos | List 19

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Case 61/2017: "It happned that night", Nawabganj murder case (Ep 850-851 on 1-2 Sep, 2017 Crime Patrol Satark Season 1)

Judapur is a place in Nawabganj where Makkhan Lal was living with his family consisting wife Mira Devi, daughters Vandana and Nisha and a son Ranjeet. He also...Watch Video.

Bad Influence: Murder of TikTok Star Mohit Mor and Delhi's Manjeet Mahal gang war (Ep 116 on 24 Dec, 2019 Crime Patrol Satark Black Headlines)

The story belongs to Delhi's TikTok star Mohit Mor's murder case. He was a gym trainer by profession and used to create TikTok videos as well. Most of his videos were made on ...Watch Video.

Barbaric Intentions: UP Triple murder, Husband-Wife and daughter killed
(Ep 136 on 21 Jan 2020 Crime Patrol Satark Black Headlines)

Sandhya, her husband, and daughter are brutally killed. The killer raped Sandhya and her daughter before and after killing them. Investigation reveals that Sandhya's husband was not happy with her. Khushbu is Sandhya's sister who is not happy with...Watch Video.

The Fire: The Rise and Fall of Madras' (Chennai) Dosa King, founder of Saravana Bhavan P. Rajagopal
(Ep 121 on 07 Jan, 2020 Crime Patrol Satark Black Headlines)

डोसा किंग राजगोपाल मूल रूप से तमिलनाडु के तोतिकोरीन का रहने वाला था। इसके माँ-बाप प्याज की खेती करते थे और ये उनकी इकलौती संतान था। प्याज़ की खेती ही इस परिवार की इकलौती आय थी और ये बात है कुछ 1973 की। राजगोपाल का खेती मे मन नहीं लगता था इसलिए वो अपना गाँव छोड़ कर मद्रास यानि की चेन्नई आ गया।...Watch Video.

The Trap: Serial Rapist gang busted. Involved in more than 30 cases
(Ep 118 on 25 Dec 2019 Crime Patrol Satark Black Headlines)

The city is shaken after the arrest of 4 serial rapists who used to rape a victim when the girl is with her boyfriend in a deserted place. See how police nab them...Watch Video.

Case 4/2019: Institute owner Phoolkumari killed 3 years after the murder of husband Raju Saw
(Ep 71/72 on 21/22 Oct 2019 on Crime Patrol Satark Season 2)

Vaibhav and his wife Aarti are running an institute successfully for last few years. A night when Vaibhav is wrapping up all the things with his assistants, few assailants suddenly enter the institute and hostages them in a room. They tie all three on chairs in one room then bring Vaibhav to another room...Watch Video.

Case 27/2019: Delhi Police took 8 years to solve Ravi Kumar missing case
(Ep 110/111 on 16/17 Dec 2019 Crime Patrol Satark Season 2)

This incident was reported in Delhi's Kapashera area on 22nd March 2011 when a newly married man Ravi Kumar went suddenly missing when he was going to her wife's sister's home in the nearby area. According to Ravi's wife Shakuntala, someone called him when they were heading towards...Watch Video.

Case 21/2019: Jolly Thomas, Six murders in one family over 14 years by daughter-in-law
(Ep 100/101/102 on 2/3/4 Dec 2919 Crime Patrol Satark Season 2)

Based on Kerala's Cyanide killer Jolly Amma Thomas. The woman who killed 6 members of her family for property and money...Watch Video.

Case 23/2019: Boy framed himself as Son to get money and killed 14-year-old real son Arshad Shaikh
(Ep 105/106 on 9/10 Dec 2019 Crime Patrol Satark Season 2)

Aslam is an owner tailoring shop. A day a man named Najeeb comes to him and requests him for some job. He tells him that he comes from Punjab's Ludhiana and his village name is Teekangadh. Aslam also comes from the same place and he left that place 17 years back....Watch Video.

Case 22/2019: Chhattisgarh's Anchal Yadav's dead body found near a canal
(Ep 103/104 on 5/6 Dec 2019 Crime Patrol Season 2)

Based on a real incident of Chhattisgarh where the dead body of Anchal Yadav was found near a canal. Here both hands and legs were tied with a rope and a big rock was also attached to the body so the body will not come out of the canal...Watch Video.

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