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Crimes Aaj Kal Season 2 Inside Story Videos | List 22

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Crimes Aaj Kal Episode 1 (Season 2) | The Vicious Circle: Noida's Hema Chaudhury Murder Case (22 Dec 2023 On Amazon MiniTV)

Payal Bhati and her partner Ajay Thakur allegedly killed Hema Chaudhary by slitting her wrist and distorting her face to prevent identification. The accused killed Chaudhary after befriending her as she had similar physical attributes to Bhati. The duo allegedly killed her to stage Payal's death so that Payal could take revenge against four of her family members who she blames for her parents' death...Watch Video.

Crimes Aaj Kal Episode 2 (Season 2) | Dangerous Pursuits: Kerala Businessman Siddiqui Killed, Chopped Into Peices (22 Dec 2023 On Amazon MiniTV)

Farhana and Shibli planned to trap the restaurant owner and businessman Macheri Siddiqui in a honey trap to extort money from him. That day, Farhana called them to a hotel where, along with Shibli, she forced them to shoot an objectionable video with Siddiqui. When Siddiqui opposed, they killed him, cut his body into two pieces, stuffed them into separate trolley bags, and dumped them in the jungle...Watch Video.

Crimes Aaj Kal Episode 3 (Season 2) | Murder Most Foul: Techie Priyanka Rawat Killed Out Side The Panvel Railway Station (22 Dec 2023 On Amazon MiniTV)

When Priyanka Rawat found out that Devvrat Singh Rawat not only had an affair but had also married Nikita Matkar, she started fighting with him. She started threatening him that she would ruin him. Priyanka also started calling and threatening Nikita to end her relationship with Devvrat, or else it wouldn't end well...Watch Video.

Crimes Aaj Kal Episode 4 (Season 2) | Suppressed Anger: Nagpur's Petrol Pump Owner Dilip Sontakke Murder Case (22 Dec 2023 On Amazon MiniTV)

Dilip Rajeshwar Sontakke had illicit relations with another woman in Bhiwapur. Apart from that, he also subjected his wife and daughters to physical abuse. He was owner of a petrol pump and engaged in property dealings, but did not contribute any share of his earning to his home. He even threatened to transfer the petrol pump and farms to another woman's name. After enduring such humiliation, his elder daughter, Priya Kishor Mahuratade, finally devised a plan to eliminate him from their lives... Watch Video.

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