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India's Burning Cases: Mastermind duo behind the murder of Arun Tikku, father of actor Anuj Tikku (Dial 100 Episode 708 on 7th Feb 2018)

Arun tikka is the father of Anuj Tikku. Before acting Anuj Tikku was a media marketer and RJ (Radio Jockey) in delhi...Watch Video.

Case 6/2018: 'Psycho killer' Buddhadeb Behera held in 6 women murders (Episode 892, 893 on 3, 4 February 2018)

Maharashtra police encounter a case of a serial killer. An unidentified man whose modus-operandi is really weird. The last year 2017 they find a female dead body on Nashik outskirts area. ..Watch Video.

India's Burning Cases: Jessica Lal Murder Case (Dial 100 5th, 6th Feb 2018)

Death is truth but when it happens before time, it creates chaos in the society. Model Jessica Lal was shot dead during the mid night of 29th April 1999. Reason! She denied serving liquor to a man...Watch Video.

India's Burning Cases: Priyadarshini Mattoo murder case (Dial 100 Episode 701 on 29th, 30th Jan 2018)

Priyadarshini Mattoo was a 25-year-old law (LLB) student at Delhi University. The time she was killed, she was doing the final year of her law program...Watch Video.

Case 79/2017: PWD Employee Mahima Mistry's mysterious murder (Episode 882 on 30th Dec 2017)

Mahima Mistry is a responsible employee at government's PWD department who lives alone on rented accommodation. A day when she is absent at her office, her colleagues are surprised because she always shares...Watch Video.

Case 04/2018: Inspired by Hollywood's Face/Off, wife plans to eliminate husband (Episode 888, 889 on 20th, 21st Jan, 2018)

Based on the sensational murder case of Sudhakar Reddy who was killed by his wife Swathi Reddy and her paramour Rajesh Reddy. According to sources Swathi was unhappy in her married life...Watch Video.

Case 56/2017: Bangalore police reveals a complicated mystery behind 3 murders in the last 16 years (Ep 842, 943 on 12th, 13th August 2017)

This story is based on a gruesome double murder reported in Lonavala on 3rd Apr this year. Police found their dead bodies at the S-Point location in the forest area. The couple were recognized as Sarthak Waghchoure and Shruti Dumbre who were doing their final year...Watch Video.

Case 55/2017: An Unknown Intruder. Elderly woman found dead in her bedroom (Episode 841 on 11th August 2017)

58-year-old Suman lives with her only son Ravi in Pune. A morning when Ravi about to leave for his office finds his bedroom door is closed from out side...Watch Video.

Case 54/2017: Murder Of Two innocent kids Mayank and (Episode 839, 840 on 5th, 6th August)

Eight-year-old Sumit found badly injured below a tree in the village. His parents assume that he must have fallen from the tree...Watch Video.

Case 52/2017: Rakesh Sharma brutally killed by four assailants in the dark night (Episode 837, 837 on 29th, 30th July 2017)

Case 52/2017: Rakesh Sharma brutally killed by four assailants in the dark night (Episode 837, 837 on 29th, 30th July 2017)...Watch Video.

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