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Crime Patrol Inside Story Videos | List 17

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Case 05/2019: Ranchi's Silky Gurung missing case turned to Double Murder case (Ep 73/74 on 23/24 Oct 2019 Crime Patrol Satark Season 2)

Student Chanchal Gupta leaves her home informing her mother that she has some project submission in her college tomorrow so going to her friend's home for its preparation. When she does not return her parents file her police complaint...Watch Video.

Case 03/2019: Mysterious murder case of the third wife of Nalasopara man (Ep 70 on 18 Oct 2019 Crime Patrol Satark Season 2)

Dr. Kartik's wife Natasha is scolding at him because she thinks Kartik has someone else in his life. The relation between both of them is now on the stake. On the other side, Kartik is really having an extramarital affair with a nurse Mona...Watch Video.

Zanjeer: West Bengal's serial killer Kamruzaman Sarkar (Ep 61/62 on 06, 07 Oct 2019 Crime Patrol Satark Season 2)

Shruti is a housewife who is badly scarred after a recent attack on her. Her husband brings her to a psychiatrist where she tells that a man attacked her while she was alone at her home. He wanted to kill her but her smartness saved her life...Watch Video.

Sanyog: West Bengal girl Nafisa Qureshi rescued by Delhi women commission (Ep 60 on 4 Oct 2019 - Crime Patrol Satark Season 2)

Tapan recently broke-up with his girlfriend. His girlfriend left him without any reason and he is in depression. He has started drinking also. His parents are worried about him and they are not able to find any solution to this...Watch Video.

Raaz: Minor Ravi goes missing while playing with friends (Ep 54 on 26 Sep, 2019 )

Minor Ravi goes missing while he was playing with his friends. His parents and uncle are worried about him and trying to find him but are not able to find any clue. Finally, they file Ravi's missing complaint at the police station and the police also...Watch Video.

Aankh Micholi: Housewife Jigna found murdered in a hotel room (Ep 53 on 25 Sep 2019 Crime Patrol Satark Season 2)

A Girl is found killed in a hotel's room. Her dress-up and prior activities shows that she was a call girl. Police are not able to identify the girl and cremated her body...Watch Video.

Anjaam: College students Manish, Supriya, Ashad goes missing + Starcast (Ep 51/52 on 23, 24 Sep 19)

Manish is a student who calls his mother for a huge amount of money. After that, he also calls his elder sister for that amount so his brother in law transfers some of it in his account. On the other hand...Watch Video.

Satta: A Game of Political Power (Ep 46/47 - Crime Patrol Satark Season 2 on 16, 17 Sep 2019)

...Watch Video.

Naasoor: Father kills a rowdy sheeter Gunti Rajesh to avenge daughter's death (Ep 45 - Crime Patrol Satark Season 2 on 13 Sep 2019)

Based on the real story of Rowdy Sheeter Gunti Rajesh from Hyderabad. Rajesh forcibly married Anusha Reddy, daughter of TRS leader Shyam Sundar Reddy. After Anusha came to that Rajesh is fraud and has already married twice...Watch Video.

Chhutkara: Mansi Patel and her boyfriend Faiz returns after Mansi's murder..!! (Ep 43, 44 - Crime Patrol Satark Season 2 on 11, 12 Sep 2019)

Young girl Gurjeet has an affair with a Muslim guy and she has run away from her home many times. But this time she does not come back to home while police find a charred body which is pretty much matching with Gurjeet. Gurjeet’s father Lallan confirms that she is their...Watch Video.

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