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Crime Patrol Inside Story Videos | List 14

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Kohra: Man spent 18 months in jail for murder of his living wife
(Episode 23 on 21 Apr 2019)

Namit's wife Jyoti is missing since morning. When they are not able to trace her, raise a police complaint and on the other hand Jyoti's parents also files FIR against Namit's family that they were asking for dowry from Jyoti and...Watch Video.

Dhundh: Hisar Honour killing case
(Episode 20-21, Case 14 on 13th, 14th Apr, 2019)

Young girl Divya Setpal is allegedly being killed by his own brother because she secretly married to a boy from another cast. In the court defense lawyer is trying to prove that...Watch Video.

Saazish: Girl implicates charges of rape and blackmailing on her husband and friend
(Case 10 on 30, 31 March, 2019)

साल 2006 की बात है जब कृष्णा नगर में रहने वाले इन्शुरन्स एजेंट पंकज चावड़ा और रीना नथानी के बीच प्यार था और इन दोनो ने अपनी मर्ज़ी से वहाँ के एक हनुमान मंदिर में शादी की थी। मंदिर में शादी करने के बाद दोनो ने रेजिस्ट्रार ऑफ़िस में अपनी शादी रेजिस्टर कराई और...Watch Video.

Case 36/2018 (Bangla) : Eight year old missing Rohan killed for property

8-year-old Rohan Tiwari is missing. His mother Kavita Tiwari is worried and trying hard to find him out. Finally, she raises a police complaint where she says that her in-laws are...Watch Video.

Case 7/2019 Inside Story: Ragini Goyal (Archana Palangdar) Murder | Ep 76 77 | 28 29 Oct 2019

Archana Palangdar, 35, was living in Kolkata's Jawaharlal Dutta Road, Uludanga, who had 2 children. Her son was in class 8 while the daughter was studying in class 3. Archana's husband Pintu used to work in a car servicing company in Kalikapur...Watch Video.

Aarti Pal Murder Case: Obsessed man killed brother in laws wife
(Episode 9 on 3 March, 2019)

Supriya Gupta v/s The Upholder Publications: Statesman Journalist Rina Mukherji's decade long fight
(Episode 7, 8 on 3 March, 2019 on Colors)

Namrta Das (real name Rina Mukherjee and played by Gauri Yadav Tonk) who had interest in writing from her college, completed her diploma in journalism from Mumbai. After the birth of...Watch Video.

Case 75/2017: Haridwar blanket trader Amit/Goldy Dixit murder case (Ep 878 on 16 Dec 2017)

​6 मार्च 2017 की शाम हरिद्वार की निर्मल छावनी अचानक गोलियों की तदतड़ाहट से गूँज उठी. कम्बल व्यापारी अमित दीक्षित उर्फ़ गोल्डी की हत्या का सीन चीख़ चीख़ कर बयान कर रहा था की ये हत्या बहुत ही सधे तरीक़े से की गई है. ज़ाहिर था की हत्यारे बहुत ही प्रफ़ेशनल थे और वो अपने मक़सद में कामयाब रहे. कालोनी की मेन रोड पर...Watch Video.

Case 65/2017 Inside Story: Naini girl Divya Tiwari murder (Ep 858, 859 on 30 Sep, 1 Oct, 2017)

​Divya Tiwari's family included her mother Nisha Tiwari, one brother Rajneesh Tiwari and the other brother Rajat Tiwari. Rajneesh used to study in coaching there while Rajat was preparing for the competitions. Divya did her BCA from Kashi Vidyapeeth...Watch Video.

Case 1/2018 Inside Story: Woman's plan to kill boyfriend with a local bomb | Ep 884-885 | 6-7 Jan 18

​The incident was reported on 3 October 2016 when 65-year-old Babulal (shown as Jaswant Singh and Played by Pankaj Kalra), a resident of village Gulabad, went to sleep on the fields with a friend Dharamlal, a resident of the village on the night...Watch Video.

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