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Crime Patrol Inside Story Videos | List 7

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Case 33/2017: Bulendshahr based property dealer Vinod Kumar murder case (Episode 850 on 19th May 2017)

The story of this episode is taken from a case of Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh. Property dealer Vinod Kumar was missing from his home on 2nd Oct 2016 whose missing complaint was registered by his wife Geeta Devi on 5th Oct...Watch Video.

Case 14/2017: Praveen Jaiswal Murder Case (Ep 772 on 3rd Mar 2017)

Police arrests Physiotherapist Dinesh Kaushal in case of assault. Dinesh attacked banker Praveen Jaiswal in the market while he was leaving for his home from his office. When Praveen was about to take an auto-rickshaw for his home, suddenly Dinesh came from the back and injected a syringe on his neck. Local people who saw...Watch Video.

Case 32/2017, Rohan abducted Naina who came back after 2 years (12,13,14 May 2017)

Naina is missing from her home and its been 2 years now. As per her father's complain she was kidnapped by ​her boyfriend Rohan and three others...Watch Video.

Case 31/2017 Inspired by Hollywood crime series, Udyayan entombed Akanksha: 5,6,7 May

He was fond of Hollywood movies and Crime Series and he was a regular viewer of "Crime Scene Investigation: NewYork". Other than this he was a fan of a movie Devil's Knot. After killing Akanksha he planned to entomb his dead body inside a marble platform and he took this idea from this crime series. But he also observed in that episode...Watch Video.

Case 28/2017: Tumkur woman Geeta's murder, a tale of cruelty and betrayal (Episode 793, 794, 795 on 21, 22, 23 Apr, 2017)

In today's episode of Crime Patrol, watch the investigation of a murder case from Kerala. The police recover Gita’s dead body from a well. While investigating the case, the police find out that Gita’s husband Prasad and their two children are missing. Will the police be able to solve the case? Stay tuned in to find the answer...Watch Video.

Case 27/2017: Murder of Bakery owner's son Ashish Jaiswal 15, 16 April,17

Mumbai police find the dead body of a youth in the Ghodbunder area. Dead body's face is badly smashed to remove his identification and he is found partially naked. Police start a search for all the missing complaints registered during this period and they find missing complain of a Bakery owner's son Ashish Jaiswal. This missing complaint ...Watch Video.

Case 25/2017: Ganesh Kotian murder case (Ep 788, 789 on 8-9 Apr, 2017)

गणेश कोटियान सोने का व्यापारी है जो की अपने बिज़नेस के सिलसिले में मंगलोर से पुणे आया हुआ है। वो कुछ परेशान है और एक लॉज में रुकने के लिए कमरा लेता है। दो दिन तक कोई उसको कमरे से निकलता नहीं देखता है और उसके कमरे में एक ताला लगा दिखाई देता है। कमरे के अंदर से एक अजीब सी बदबू भी आ...Watch Video.

Case 24/2017 Jaipur Gangrape case Inside Story (Suman Jain) 7th Apr 2017

Priyanka is a young girl who tells the police that she has been gang-raped by three men. While investigating the case, the police arrest two boys who refuse to accept the crime. Will the police be able to solve the case? Stay tuned in to find the answer...Watch Video.

Bhadkaava: Murder case of Binay Mahato (21, 22 May 2016)

Genius Vision School's annual day is coming and all the students are preparing for it. But just 2 days before the annual day an Art Teacher sees a kid is falling to the ground from the staff quarter's building. He runs towards that badly injured kid and finds him unconscious. He calls the school's chairman and principal and brings that kid to the hospital...Watch Video.

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