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Crime Patrol Inside Story Videos | List 12

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Case 27/2018: 27 year old Jaipur woman accused for murder, extortion and ATM loot (Episode 932, 933 on 30th June and 31st July, 2018)

Priya Seth was a brilliant student who scored 82% and 78% in her SSC and HSC exams. She passed her HSC and SSC from Falna, Rajasthan...Watch Video.

Case 25/2018: Hyderbar, Woman's multilated body found near a construction site (Episode 928, 929 on 17th June, 2018)

Two suspicious bags are found near a construction site. People of that area decides to call police as the bags could have bomb. Police is called and bomb diffusion staff comes over. They confirms that the bags has human body parts...Watch Video.

Case 23/2018: Housewife Anjali Rathod's murder mystery unfolded after 2.5 years (Episode 926 on 10 Jun, 2018)

A housewife Anjali Rathod (Sarita Chauhan) is mother of two kids. A day when her kids returns from their schools, finds her unconscious and in a pool of blood. They immediately calls their neighbour...Watch Video.

Case 22/2018: Man avenges father's insult after 17 years (Episode 924 and 925 on 2nd, 3rd Jun, 2018)

A mysterious guy takes indefinite leave from his office for some urgent work. His boss is suspicious about him and he asks him where he is going and what he is trying to achieve but he does...Watch Video.

Case 21/2018: Madhya Pradesh girl abducted, raped and sold thrice (Episode 923+924 on 26th May, 2018)

Story comes from Balwada village in Madhya Pradesh(MP)'s district Khargone which comes under Indore division...Watch Video.

Case 20/2018: Rising DJ Tanveer Ansari found killed in his home (Episode 921, 922 on 19th, 20th May 2018)

Lucknow's rockstar DJ Tan's upcoming show is about to rock the city. His rivals a jealous of him that his show is overbooked while their show is getting even half of its...Watch Video.

Case 19/2018: Shopkeeper Dhananjay's su!c!de turned to be a grusom murder case (Episode 919, 920 on 12th, 13th May, 2018)

Vasai Shopkeeper Dhananjay is found dead in a lake. His post-mortem report reveals the he died of drowning only and files the case as US i.e. unnatural death case but...Watch Video.

Case 18/2018: Farmer's son Sanjay shot dead in the midnight with a double-barrelled gun (Episode 917, 918 on 7th May, 2018)

Sanjay’s (real name Deepak Kumar, Sonepat - Haryana) father is a farmer and their only son supports him in farming. He stays in a room located in the farm itself...Watch Video.

Case 17/2018: Murder of Swati Jamdade, Sangli - Maharashtra Illegal Abortion Racket busted (Episode 914, 915 on 28th, 29th Apr, 2018)

Nandita Sharma was 5 months pregnant when she died. Her in-laws and husband Amit Sharma are saying that she died of an heart attack when they were coming back from a temple while her cousin sister Supriya who...Watch Video.

Case 16/2018: Begusarai Triple Murder, Man along with wife and son found killed on the roof of home (Episode 912, 913 on 21, 22 Apr, 2018)

Story starts with a triple murder. And then shown another previous murder where a man was killed by two assailants...Watch Video.

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