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Case 27/2018: 27 year old Jaipur girl accused for murder, extortion and ATM loot (Episode 932, 933 on 30th June and 31st July, 2018)

2018 का सत्ताईसवाँ केस
Case 27/2018
Jaipur, Rajasthan
Priya Seth was a brilliant student who scored 82% and 78% in her SSC and HSC exams. She passed her HSC and SSC from Falna, Rajasthan. Falna is a small district in Rajasthan. Coming from an educated family, Priya and her parents wanted her to become a professor and for that, she came to Jaipur for further studies.
She used to live at her relative's home during initial days but later shifted as a paying guest. Jaipur is a big city that was eventually attracting her. She wanted to fulfill all her desire and for that, she wanted lots of money.

Let's watch how her earthly desires ruined her entire life and she is still not regretting what wrong she did in her past.

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