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Crime Patrol | Baansuriwala: A police constable and Google Earth helped reuniting Gopi to his family after 20 years (Episode 614 on 31 January 2016)

Pratik Gandhi plays Brijesh, a police constable recently transferred to the island of Andman. There, he meets with Gopi (played by Kamlesh Oza), a local man who enjoys playing the flute. Brijesh becomes fond of Gopi's flute playing and offers him refreshments whenever he passes by. One day, Brijesh asks Gopi about himself and learns that Gopi left his home over two decades ago.

Gopi left his village after a fight with its Sarpanch and has not been back since. He survived the 2004 Tsunami and ended up in Andaman, but cannot remember anything other than the name of his village in Uttar Pradesh. Brijesh, moved by Gopi's story, promises to help him find his home and begins using Google Search and Google Earth/Map to help in his search.

Scam 1992 fame Pratik Gandhi

The episode tells the heart-wrenching story of Ram Jeevan from Saraiyaan village in Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh, and how Brijesh Kumar Chaubey helped him find his way back home. A must-watch for those who enjoy emotional and touching stories.

Policeman Brijesh Kumar Chaubey and Ram Jeevan



Thanks to Manmeet Kaur for helping me finding the real story. Hatsoff....
Here is the inside story of the case:

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  1. This is da first and best among da episodes but instead of taking psudo names n showing real charecers at the end that too just 4 two minutes ;serial could be done with original names n at the end with 3 mins interviews of that cop, lost boy's family.

  2. Such utter sensationalized rubbish!-- We are expected to read these stories but the contact information for the parties at play is never divulged...rubbish, rubbish, rubbish!