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Crime Patrol Inside Story Videos | List 3

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Rita Gomes gang rape in moving car (Episode 134 on 27th July 2012)

Rita Gomes is a Single mother who lives with her 2 daughters and mother. The is an Ex Call Center employee. One night in a bar she met Vikram. Vikram gives her lift to her home but Vikram rapes her with his 4 friends inside that running car...Watch Video.

Nawab Murder Case, 23, 24, 25 Aug 2013

Lucknow Nawab (real name Maaz Ahmad, 14), a 14-year-old boy was shot dead by an unknown man. Three men come on a bike, knocks the door of Late Inspector Shakoor's home and his wife opens the door. One of then stares at all of them including Afreen (bua of Nawab), Rabia (aunt of Nawab), and Nawab's younger brother...Watch Video.

Star News (ABP News) exposes Speak Asia Online

Speak Asia was an online survey company that was exposed by Star-News (known as ABP News now) in May 2011. Star News was claiming that Speak Asia is a fraud company because the companies they are doing surveys are not associated with them. For more detail of the scam please...Watch Video.

Sunil Kohli/Vaibhav Saini murder case (Episode 168,169. 19,20 Oct 2012)

Sunil Kohli (real name Vaibhav Saini) recently completed his engineering and now he is looking for a job. He is the only son of his parents...Watch Video.

A diamond thief walks into web honeytrap (Episode 159 on 24 Sep 2012)

A 24-year-old youth with an active web life walked right into a honeytrap, days after he allegedly stole diamonds worth Rs 6 lakh from his employer, and got arrested recently for forgery, theft and cheating. Karan Patel, the accused, was remanded in police custody till June 15...Watch Video.

Jharkhand acid attack victim Sonali Mukherjee recovering slowly

New Delhi: Ten years after a horrific acid left her disfigured, 27-yr-old Sonali Mukherjee is taking baby steps towards a normal life. She is recovering from a reconstructive surgery at Delhi's BL Kapur Memorial Hospital...Watch Video.

A baby girl lies unwanted as two families battle over a new-born boy
(Episode 152, 153 on 8th-9th Sep 2012)

Anirudh Singh is a teacher and his wife Meena is pregnant. Amrudhhe takes Meena to jodhpur for her delivery. At the same time Kishan who is a Kadhiya by the profession also bringing his wife to the Same hospital 'Raja Madhav' of Jodhpur...Watch Video.

"Give me justice or let me die" Story of Mitali Das
(Ep 146-147 on 24, 25 Aug 2012)

Based on a real-life story of Sonali Mukherjee from Dhanbad.
Watch here the crime patrol version of the case...Watch Video.

Sexual harassment victim comes knocking on Defence Minister A.K. Antony's door

Watch the full video and story...Watch Video.

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