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Diamond thief Karan Patel falls into Mumbai police's honey trap (Episode 159 on 24 Sep 2012)

Mukesh is a diamond merchant at Mumbai. A day a 23-24-year-old guy named Gaurav Khera (real name Karan Patel and played by Gyanendra Tripathi) comes to his office and explains that he is a talented diamond sampler and has a good knowledge of pureness of diamonds. Asking Mukesh, he explains his talent in this professional. Mukesh trusts him and gives him the position of the diamond sampler in his office.

After few days Gaurav goes missing from his office with diamonds of worth rupees 8 lakh. Mukesh raises FIR to the police and police plans a trap for Gaurav.

Watch below link to check how police track Gaurav Khera, with the real story behind the case and a small coverage of ABP News.

Watch the video to know more about the case

Online Episode in Bengali:
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