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From 'President Award' for bravery to 'Daily Wages' (Episode 160 on 27th Sep 2012)

Year 2004, district - Kamrup, Assam
Ratul Chandra Rabha (as Ratan Viswas) and Rituparna Boro (as Arvind Das) are students of 8th and 10th class. One day suddenly 2 unknown men (as Chiru and Gopi) carrying pistol and grenade in their hand entered into the school campus and fires on a teacher. Teacher and students of the school chased them who were later identified as the ULFA (United Liberation Front of Assam) shown as ALG later on. The time militant attacked, Ratul and Rituparna did not scared of them and chased them upto 3 kilometers. The chasing turns the nabbing of one of those two invasive who killed their teacher. Year 2005
Ratul and Rituparna get Rashtrapati Award (National Bravery Award) for chasing the militants who killed their school teacher all open and subsequently one of the militants was caught.

Event both kid who got highest national honour, after few years of the incident, they both were forced to leave their study due to poverty.

Year 2012
Today they both Ratul(20) and Rituparna(22) are below poverty line and are daily wage earner who earns hardly 120 rupee in a day. Ratul's views about the award is that the award has no meaning for him because his life condition is still as tough as it was before a time. They were expecting to have government job in Indian army or state police department after getting bravery award but they got nothing. They appealed CM of Assam Mr. Tarun Gogoi and other politicians for help but did not get any positive response.

Online Episode on YouTube:
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For all details about the story of Ratul, Rituparna please click here.

The Sunday Indian, a news paper announced a campaign in favour of these forgotten but deserving heroes to redevelop their future.

Please donate generously and make their dreams come true!

Cheques\Drafts can be sent in favour of 
Aurobindo Chaudhuri Memorial Great Indian Dream Foundation
IIPM campus, Satbari, Chandan Haula, Chattarpur, Bhatimines Road, New Delhi-110074

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