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Crime Patrol: E-Fraud - Vidya helps Ravi for e-fraud of 60 lac rupees (Episode 162 on 5th Oct 2012)

Vidya (Real name Pratiksha and played by Avantika Shetty) was a 7-year-old employee of the backend operation company named Mind Speak (The well known TCS eServe - Tata Consultancy Services) who works for backend operations of Dolby & Scold Bank (The well known international bank Citibank).

She was married a few months back with Anand who is also an employee of the same company. Ravi (played by Vishal Nayak) is a software engineer and her childhood friend who is financially weak and often borrows money from Vidya. He encourages vidya to steal some money from any of the old bank accounts which are dormant (Not in use for a long time) and finally they do this.
Vidya played by Avantika Shetty
Brief of the case:
The real name of Vidya: Pratiksha
The real name of the bank: Citibank
The real name of Customer Care Company: TCS  eServe (Tata Consultancy Services)



Here is the real story of the case with the real photo of Vidya (Pratiksha):
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