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Euthanasia: The Tragic Tale of Sonali Mukherjee: A Survivor's Journey After an Acid Attack (Episode 146, 147 on 24, 25 Aug 2012)


The story begins with a press conference featuring a girl named Mitali Das (real name Sonali Mukherjee and portrayed by Veebha Anand), who demands justice from the government or death. The incident takes place in the year 2003.

The year 2003
Mitali is a talented girl who becomes exasperated when three boys from her locality repeatedly harass her. When her father and brother confront the boys, they accuse Mitali of having a bad character. One day, when the boys attempt to harass her again, other people intervene and stop them.

About a month later, while Mitali and her family are sleeping on the terrace, the three boys sneak up and throw sulfuric acid on her. Mitali's father is played by Sanjeeva Vats.

Case History

This is a harrowing account of Sonali Mukherjee (27) from Dhanbad, who was a victim of an acid attack nine years ago in 2003. On the fateful night of April 22, 2003, three assailants who were Sonali's neighbors (Tapas Mitra, Sanjay Paswan, and Bhrahmadev Hajra) broke into her house through the roof while she was sleeping with her family and poured concentrated sulfuric acid  (H2SO4. In Indian market the acid is also known as Gandhak or गंधक which is mainly used as a lead battery water and ratio of acid and water is near 30%-70% to make H2SOa lead-battery acid) on her face. This horrific incident ruined Sonali's life forever.

Sonali had repeatedly complained about the harassment and teasing from these assailants. On the day of the attack, one of the boys teased her in the market, and Sonali shouted at them. Other people also supported her, and the boys decided to teach her a lesson.

The session court sentenced the perpetrators to nine years in prison, but after appealing to the high court, they were granted bail after three years. Bhrahmadev Hajra was let off as he was a teenager. Sonali and her father approached various authorities, including the chief minister and MPs, but only received assurances.

The acid attack left Sonali partially deaf and blind, and she demanded euthanasia (इच्छामृत्यु) from the government since she couldn't afford her medical costs. The assault left her completely disfigured, and she required 15-16 lakh for her treatment.

After her story was featured on Crime Patrol Dastak (Episodes 146 and 147 on August 24th and 25th, 2012), Sonali received widespread support and encouragement. She also appeared on Kaun Banega Crorepati and confidently won 25 lakh rupees.

Here is the inside story and Crime Patrol version of of the case:

Merely liking or commenting on a post is insufficient if you genuinely want to assist Sonali. You can make a contribution to Sonali's father's bank account if you wish to help. We are doing what we can, and if possible, you can do your part. The account details are provided below. Here are the detail below-

Chandi Das Mukherjee
A/C - 0612000103217964
Punjab National Bank, Nauroji Nagar Branch
IFSC Code: PUNB0061200
New Delhi

Contact Numbers:

Chandi Das Mukherjee - +91-9437638600
Sonali Mukherjee - +91-9210022919
Devashish Mukherjee - +91-9437638600

To support Sonali for the justice you should sign this petition also

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  1. Well done sonali, you have shown great confidence even though so much happened to you, remember- you aren't less than anyone even though you have lost your pretty face, the thing that is to be seen is your courage! As far as it is concerned about those 3 who have done this to you, i am sure that God will punish them! I hope you become the same Sonali you used to be!

  2. U r damn hard core person my sis.
    Really I learnt a lot from u.Hats off to you and ur confidence.
    I promise you if I will come forward to help victims for free in my own hospital in few years.
    and even I will fight for their rights.
    We youngers can discover n new and inspiring INDIA!
    U started it and we will complete it!

  3. Truly, you are very brave and you never loose hope. Believe Almighty. The sinners will be punished and you will get your pretty face back (Insha Allah). You are just like my elder sister and you will be always in my prayers. May Almighty give you courage.

  4. Salute you for your fight against those bastards. Very hard to get justice in this country with a weak law against acid attack

  5. Salute you for your fight against those bastards.But it is very hard to get justice in this country with a weak law against acid attack