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Mentally Challenged Khushi becomes Pregnant (Episode 144, 145 on 18, 19 Aug 2012)

The story starts from 21 years before in 1991 when a  woman gives birth to a baby girl but she, her husband and father/mother in law leaves that baby in a garbage. Next morning a nun (sister) of God's Children finds that baby from that garbage box and takes her to her association. Sister's association takes responsibility of the baby girl and gave her a name "Khushi"
After 7 years in 1998 doctors reveals that Khushi is a mentally retarded  girl and she should not keep with the other normal child of the organization. Considering the situation, organization decides to send Khushi to Chandigarh's Aradhna Sanstha.

Later in year 2009 a doctor of Aradhna Sanstha finds that khushi is 2.5 months pregnant. Owner of the organization files a complain to chandigarh police.
Khushi played by Nehalaxmi Iyer
How Khushi will get justice?
Will she be able to deliver a baby?

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Part 2:

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