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Case 37/2017: Aditya Singh's driver Alok Panday burnt alive to kill (Episode 812, 813 on 3rd, 4th June, 2017)
Lekin: False Rape charges on Abhay Patil ruined his and his family's life (Crime Patrol Dial 100 Episode 275 on 26th Oct, 2016)
Twisted Intentions: Underprivileged Minor molested, attacked and abducted (Episode 410 on 29 Aug 2014)
God's own man: Godman accussed of double murder, nabbed by Pune police in Varanasi (Episode 309, 310 on 1st, 2nd Nov 2013)
Where is my daughter, Story of missing Sofia Suleman (Episode 281, 282 on 10th-11th Aug 2013)
Where is my baby? New born baby sold on Facebook (Episode 247 on 17th May 2013)
Crime Patrol: Jyoti Rani murder case, MLA Ram Kumar Chaudhary arrested (Episode 212, 213 on 15, 16 Feb 2013)
Euthanasia: The Tragic Tale of Sonali Mukherjee: A Survivor's Journey After an Acid Attack (Episode 146, 147 on 24, 25 Aug 2012)
Zamidaar Thakur's son Raghuveer kills Village girl Rashmi (Episode 91, 92 on 9, 10 March 2012)
Father sold disabled daughter Neeta to Mumbai Brothel (Episode 62 on 26 Nov 2011)
Mohan's mother and mentally challenged brother Shankar found killed (Episode 15 on 17th June 2011)
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