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Where is my baby? New born baby sold on facebook (Episode 247 on 17th May 2013)

Yasmin Qadri (real name Noori) is daughter of fruit/veg seller Salim Qadri (real name Feroz Khan, 47 and played by Sanjeeva Vats) who lives with his father. She is eldest among 3 daughters of salim. Yasmin is pregnant and living with her father because her husband is a boozer and beats her badly. Yasmin is pregnant an gives birth to a baby boy but after his birth their home care taker Madhumita flees with baby.

Salim informs Yasmin that the baby was dead and there was no heartbeat into him so he give that to madhumita. Yasmin and her mother having some doubt on Salim so they complains police about this.

Police starts investigation and some shocking truths comes out that how social networking site facebook was involved in the crime.

See full episode here:

Where is my Baby?

Where is my Baby?

And Here is the inside story of the case:
Baby Sold On Facebook: Grandfather Arrested After Selling Newborn Grandson For $830 Other Tags: yasmin qadri, amritsar, salim qadri, madhumita, sanjeev vats, rehana, where is my baby, nagma, shehnaz, nissar khan, aayam private nurse, veg fruit seller, hansraj, facebook, gaurav kalra, sudeep sarangi, friendsbook, Amit Kumar, New Delhi

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