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Acid attack victim Sonali Mukherjee won crores hearts in KBC

"half a life with half a face"
Before 4 months sonali mukherjee- The Acid Attack Victim from Dhanbad was willing to kill herself because she was not able to overcome from her sufferings. Now Sonali has won 25 lac in Amitabh's show Kaun Banega Crorepati and want to spent all her money in her re-constructive surgeries. Along with this she want to use her this horrible experience as a help for all the victims around the world that kill hundreds of people every year and mostly the women.
"I have gone through 22 operations and 9 more are remaining. Now my eyes and ear and functional and at least I can see and hear. When i will recover, I want to help people like me. During these 9 years I have gone through every circumstances and I understand no one will help you in this situation."

Sonali became a media headline after her pity story protrayed this year on Sony TV's Crime Patrol on 24th and 25th August. As Crime Patrol is a most popular Indian crime based show around the world, local charities, hospitals and millions of people have sympathy for her and helped her in every way the could.

Another turning point for her was her participation on "Kaun Banega Crorepati" hosted by Amitabh Bachchan. "I never imaging in my life that I will meet such a big people and meeting BigB is the biggest thing for me."

Sonali answered every question very confidently from botany, cooking, political science and earned 25 lac (2.5 million) rupees.

Around 1500 acid attacks are reported every year through out the world from which 80% are women. Sonali continues, "I appeal government to make a separate law which is not just on a piece of a paper, but is followed so that these type of cases are not repeated."
Here is the full story of Sonali Mukherjee
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