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Crime Patrol Inside Story Videos | List 6

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Case 3/2017 Three constable shot dead with three others (7th,8th Jan,2017)

Dinesh Paswan is brutally murdered by Shukla gang because he did not pay extortion money to them. Siblings Rajiv and Mukesh Shukla are the founder of this gang and are wanted in the murder case of Paswan. Paswan's father is the main witness in the case but they kill him along with his wife early morning...Watch Video.

Manipal University Gang Rape Case on 4th 5th December 2015 (Ahsaas Channa)

Sunita (played by Ahsaas Channa)is a medical student who lives in a girls hostel. An evening she leaves for the library which is at a walking distance from her hostel. While returning from there she gets abducted by three persons in an auto rickshaw. One of them is a driver and rest two are his passengers. They bring her to...Watch Video.

"Swayed" on 28th Feb and 1st March 2015 (Shriya Popat)

Raghav Desai and his wife Rohini Desai both are retired senior citizens who are living together with their teenage daughter Gehna (played by Shriya Popat). A day tenants of Raghav Desai reaches his home to meet him but they finds doors locked. They came to meet him because from last two months Raghav did not meet him to take rent...Watch Video.

Case 18/2017: Senior inspector Mansur Malik shot dead in a broad day light (Episode 778 on 17th March, 2017)

In today's episode of Crime Patrol, watch the investigation of a murder case from Bihar. Mansur is a senior inspector who is known for his integrity and commitment towards his duty. Two bikers gun down Mansur in broad...Watch Video.

Inside Story **Mass Murdered** Case 7 / 2017: Bhind Murder Case (21st Feb, 2017)

Sangita's is a widow who is the mother of a kid Aarti. Her husband Ramesh passed away four years back and she lives near her two brother-in-laws Rajiv and Sandeep's homes. Sangita and her daughter are being taken care of by these two brothers-in-law who sometimes send their kids Vaishali and Rohit to stay...Watch Video.

Case 10/2017: Salon owner Vivek Arora kidnapped for a ransom of 3 crore rupees (Episode 764, 765 on 5th, 6th February 2017)

The episode is based on the kidnapping of a high profile makeup artist Abhishek Khetrapal from Dwarka, Delhi who owns a beauty parlour in Janakpuri. Police arrested five accused in this kidnapping case. Mastermind...Watch Video.

Case 12/2017: Psycho killer of Alwar kills his wife and cuts into pieces (Episode 769 - Case 12 / 2017 -17th Feb, 2017)

The city of Jodhpur is in fear of murder. Police have found multiple body parts of a woman at different places in the city. The body parts are partially burnt and then cutoff. Postmortem reports confirm that these parts belong to the same woman but police...Watch Video.

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