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Case 34/2017: Divorcee Hina shot dead at her home by two assailants (Episode 806, 807 on 20th, 21st May, 2017)

2017 का चौतीसवाँ केस
Case 34/2017

Story is surrounded with two real sister who are completely different from each other. Hina is a simple girl who does not like fashion and want to live life as a normal indian girl, on the other hand Farheen wants to become independent girl. She likes to play with boys, want to wear western dresses and a open minded girl who want to live life on her own. Time passes and both the girl gets marry with two boys. They both now has family responsibilities on their shoulders. Hina, who is taking care of her home well, disliked by her husband because she is not like today's girls. On the other hand Farheen's husband starts disliking her because she want to live in his home on her ways.

Equations between both the girls and their husbands starts becoming worsen and a time comes when they both gets divorce and comes back to their home.

A day when only Farheen, Hina and their mother were staying at home, suddenly two people comes and shoots Hina on her head with point blank range and runs away. Farheen immediately rushes to her father's shop to tell him about the murder. They reaches home and finds Hina dead in a pool of blood.

Sonam-Hina murder case Delhi, Shatri Park, Seelam Pur

Part 1:
Part 2:

Part 1: Case 34/2017 Part 1
Part 2: Case 34/2017 Part 2

Here is the inside story of the case:

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  1. Can anyone please tell me the real name of the actress who played the role of Heena in this episode.

  2. Sir your mistake in writing... It's 2017, not a 3017

  3. Sir it's your writing mistake in the title of this case... It's 2017, not a 3017

  4. And sir please tell me name of the actress play sonam in 1st may 2017 dahisar murder mumbai case...

    1. plz sent me photo on facebook page

    2. Sir I send you photo of that actress on facebook from my account Sudhir Umaretiya. Now please answer me sir.

  5. Please tell me the role played as Naina in : Crime Patrol Dial 100 Ep 462 - Mumbai Triple Murder Case - 8th May, 2017

  6. Please upload real girls of this case

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  8. where is real story?? you have just wrote plot of the episode. .

    please tell the real story

  9. Tell the name of that guy who gave gun to fareen

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  11. Sir please tell me the real name of farhin's husband please

  12. Sir please tell me the real name of farhin's husband please

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