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Case 34/2017: Divorcee Hina shot dead at her home by two assailants (Episode 806, 807 on 20th, 21st May, 2017)
Crime Patrol  | Case 30/2017 : History sheeter Satyen goes missing after held in a murder case (Episode 798 on 30th Apr, 2017)
Be-Tarteeb: Engineer Nasik girl Madhuri Satam's mysterious murder (Episode 711, 712 on 17th, 18th September, 2016)
Gumraah: Four students Amit, Sandhu, Aradhi and Preetpal goes missing (Crime Patrol Dial 100 Episode 217 on 8th August, 2016)
Bhedbhav: Bright dalit student killed over having crush with girl from upper caste (Episode 665 on 3rd June, 2016)
Varchasva: Pandit Dashrath gets Life Imprisonment in  Hunger of Power and Position (Episode 624 on 21 February, 2016)
Crime Patrol | Ghaat: Blackmailed over facebook lands engineering student to commit su!c!de (Crime Patrol Dial 100 Episode 95, 16 February 2016)
Crime Patrol | Rihaee: Son bails mother after nineteen years of Imprisonment (Episode 543 on 14 Aug 2015)
Daldal: Sushil and Karan's master plan to earn easy money (Episode 485, 486 on 21th, 22th March 2015)
Banished: Boycotted kids forced to live in a graveyard near their parent's graves (Episode 411 on 31st Aug 2014)
Crime Patrol | Senior citizen Navraj Kwatra Murdered in his photo studio (Episode 171, 172 on 27, 28 Oct 2012)
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