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Gumraah: Four students Amit, Sandhu, Aradhi and Preetpal goes missing (Crime Patrol Dial 100 Episode 217 on 8th August, 2016)

Four students from Punjab Amit, Sandhu, Aradhi and Preetpal are missing. They all were good friends who became drug addicted. When police start searching for them, the also finds that Preetpal was youngest brother among his two brothers who died few time back due to drug addiction. Police investigation also finds that young girl Aradhi's mother was killed by someone at her home.
Aradhi played by Senaya Sharma
ये कहानी चार कॉलेज के छात्रों की है जो की लापता हैं। इन चारों का नाम है अमित, संधू, अराधि और प्रीतपाल। पुलिस को छानबीन से पता चलता है की इन तीनो को ड्रग्स की लत लग गई थी जिसके चलते अराधि जिस्मफरोशी का धंधा करने लगी थी जब की बाकी तीनो में कुछ न कुछ गलत काम करने लगे थे। पुलिस को अराधि की माँ की लाश उनके घर में मिलती है और उसके बाद ये भी पता चलता है की प्रीतपाल तीन भाइयों में सबसे छोटा था और उसके बाकी दोनों भाइयों की सालों पहले मृत्यु हो चुकी है।



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  1. Please upload the real life story of the episode 'Bardaasht' aired in August 2016. To me at least, the story seemed fabricated. It seems Crime Patrol creative team is getting increasingly sexist. There was actually an episode titled 'Triyacharitra' broadcast in the same month. Can we please ask Crime Patrol to maintain the quality, dignity and integrity that we have come to love them for? Thank you very much: A fan of the show now having second thoughts

  2. For quality and integrity, watch only Friday, Saturday and Sunday episodes of Crime Patrol.

  3. Real name (full name) of Aradhi and other casts ?? Plz reply someone