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Crime Patrol | Case 30/2017 : History sheeter Satyen goes missing after held in a murder case (Episode 798 on 30th Apr, 2017)

2017 का तीसवां केस
Case 30/2017
Satyen stays with his elder brother Laxman and his wife. Burglary has becomes Satyen's hoby and he has got arrested number of times. Every time Laxman has to arrange money for his bail. Laxman and his wife are trying to make him understand that he should understand his responsibilities and should start working somewhere. For this he asks Satyen's childhood friends Pankaj and Jagdish to arrange a good job for him. Finally Satyen gets driver's job at a taxi dealer's shop and starts driving vehicle.
Laxman is now relaxed that his younger brother is now on track but a day Satyen goes missing. He does not return to his home in the evening. Next day Laxman goes to his office to ask about him, he comes to know that yesterday was off for Satyen's shift, while Laxman's wife is saying that he left home in the morning saying he is going on his duty. In the evening Pankaj tell Laxman that Satyen is again arrested by the police in a murder case. Yesterday when they were playing cards in the cab, suddenly two police constable came and took away Satyen with them.

Laxman decides that this time he will not go for his bail. One month goes and now Laxman's wife insists him to go and meet Satyen. When Laxman goes and meet police officials, he comes to know that Satyen was not arrested by them and his case must be registered somewhere else in Mumbai.


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