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Crime Patrol | Khamoshi: Manipal University girl Gang Raped by auto driver and two others (Episode 617, 618 on 4, 5 December 2015)

Sunita (played by Ahsaas Channa) is a medical student who lives in a girls' hostel. An evening she leaves for the library which is at a walking distance from her hostel. While returning from there she gets abducted by three persons in an auto-rickshaw. One of them is a driver and rest two are his passengers. They bring her to a secluded area and threatens her to co-operate with her otherwise they will kill her.
They assault her one by one and decides to kill her so she can not speak the incident to the police. Sunitha requests them to leave her and promises that she will not tell anything to anyone.

In the meantime, her missing case has been registered in the police station and police are already in the hostel campus when Sunita reaches back to there. Police ask her about the incident but scared Sunita does not tell anything to the police or anyone.
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Part 1: Khamoshi Part 1
Part 2: Khamoshi Part 2

Part 1:
Part 2:

Here is the inside story of the case:
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