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Crime Patrol | Case 46/2017: Engineering students double murder at Lonavala (Episode 829, 830 on 8th, 9th July, 2017)
Crime Patrol | Armaan: 24 Year old Surbhi Rajput shot dead outside her guest house (Episode 747, 746 on 16, 18 December 2016)
Belagaam: Robbers gang rape woman and stabs husband, father-in-law in Jodhpur's posh colony (Episode 732, 733 on 5th, 6th November, 2016)
Crime Patrol | Khoj: Engineering student Anita leaves her home after she gets placement in a big company (Episode 658 on 15 May 2015)
Ojhal: Murder of senior citizen Chandrabhaga Kharat while she was alone at home (Episode 101 on 26th February, 2016)
Crime Patrol | Khamoshi: Manipal University girl Gang Raped by auto driver and two others (Episode 617, 618 on 4, 5 December 2015)
Crime Patrol | Apharan aur Hatya: 16 year old Arjun Kidnapped and Murdered (Episode 559, 560 on 19, 20 Sep 2015)
Crime Patrol: Khauf | Foul murder of five members in Komal's family (Episode 516, 517 on 6, 7 Jun 2015)
Najayaz Rishte: Middle aged woman Kavita Shinde's dead body found (Episode 508, 509 on 16th, 17th May 2015)
Tit for Tat: Daily wage Labour Sushma molested in presence of neighbor Devki Teli (Episode 456, 457 on 10th, 11th Jan 2015)
InHuman: People indulging in witchcraft and Black Magic kills minor Sakshi (Episode 407 on 16 Aug 2014)
Lying Faces: Radhika, a fake nurse was held after stealing money from patient's house (Episode 357 on 18 April 2014)
False Pride: Minor Smriti married to 37 year elder and then killed by father for pride (Episode 344 on 1st March 2014)
Crime Patrol | An MMS: Madgaon (Goa) boy Sachin commit su!c!de in a love affair (Episode 195 on 28 Dec 2012)
Crime Patrol: "Iss raat ki subah nahi" Story of Gauri (Episode 130, 131 on 14, 15 July 2012)
Minakshi burnt 95%, police probing case of dowry (Episode 114 - 26th May 2012)
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