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Minakshi burnt 95%, police probing case of dowry (Episode 114 - 26th May 2012)

Past few months Minaxi (played by Pallavi Gupta) is getting tortured again and again by her in-laws. He comes back to her home and tell everything about her husband and in-laws. Minaxi's mother Savita (played by Kritika Desai) reveals her that their financial condition is already not good, but they are still demanding bike with 50,000 rupees. Suddenly one day savita gets a call from Minaxi's home that minaxi is burnt badly while cooking food in the kitchen. Savita files an FIR to the police. She claims that this is a clear case of Dowry. Doctor reveals Savita that minaxi's 95-96% body is burnt.

Will minaxi survive? Will she get justice?
Read and watch here this true story of Neelam
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