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Crime Patrol | Bedardi: Lovers Muneesa and Balbir threatened and attacked (7 December 2015)

Balbir and Munisaa met with each other through the social networking site. They first see each other at an old heritage place, a kind of lover's point in Bhopal. Munisa is a brave Muslim girl while Balbir is a shy Hindu boy.

They keep meeting with each other and their love grows day by day. A day while Muneesa is sitting on Balbir's bike, a man sees them and complains this to Muneesa's elder brother. He threatens Muneesa not to meet him again otherwise she would have to pay for this.
A day his brother follows Muneesa and after finding her with Balbir he beats him badly and warns him not to meet Muneesa again. Muneesa and Balbir stop meeting and in the meanwhile Balbir gets a job offer from Mumbai. After a few days, he comes back to Mumbai to meet Muneesa. Since Balbir left, Muneesa passed through torture by his brothers and she is very scared of the situation. And after a few hours police find Muneesa dead near a railway track while Balbir is lying badly injured with her.
Bedardi: Lovers Muneesa and Balbir threatened and attacked (7th December, 2015)
Munisa played by south sensation and a superstar Shalini Pandey.


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