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Chhal: Duo tried to fake girl's suicide, kills a security guard (Ep 3/4 on 17/18 July, 2019 on Crime Patrol Satark Season 2)
Bedardi: Lovers Muneesa and Balbir threatened and attacked (7th December, 2015)
Mautana: A dreadful ritual of tribal South-West Rajasthan (Crime Patrol Dial 100 Episode 2 on 27th Oct, 2015)
Ek Haseena thi, Ek Deewana tha: Teenager Karan commits suicide over mysterious love affair (Episode 512 on 29th May 2015)
Backstabbing: Kavita found hanging on a tree (Episode 441 on 5th Nov 2014)
The Accused: Woman accused landlord for raping her (Episode 335 on 31 Jan 2014)
Shaitaan (Colors): Geetika Sharma suicide case (Episode 45, June 15th, 2013)
A father's struggle for his teenage daughter (Episode 219, 220 on 9th, 10th march 2013)
Rajkot, Hansa comes back after 3 months of her Death (Episode 210, 211 on 9th-10th Feb 2013)
Well planned murder of Divya Prajapati, daughter of Retired police inspector (Episode 196, 197 on 29th, 30th Dec 2012)
An MMS: Madgaon (Goa) boy Sachin commit suicide in a love affair (Episode 195 on 28th Dec 2012)
Domestic violence forces ranjana to commit suicide (Episode 158 on 22 Sep 2012)
Study pressure forces Teenager Gia to commit suicide (Episode 65 on 9th December 2011)
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