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Crime Patrol | Chhal - Duo tried to fake girl's su!c!de, kills a security guard (Ep 3/4 on 17/18 July, 2019 on Crime Patrol Satark Season 2)

The Trick
The case is based on Hamidpur, Aligarh's mysterious missing, and a murder case. A young girl Chandni ends life by setting herself on fire when she was alone at her home. She was about to get married also. Her family members find a few of her bones only after reaching home that day.
The same day an aged security guard Kishor Singh also goes missing from the same village and her family is not able to find any clues. Kishor Singh was working as a security guard at Tulsi Palace Marriage Hall in the village.

Raghavendra, son of Kishor is accusing Chandini’s family of his father missing. He tells police that Chandini was having an affair with a young boy named Ravendra and the duo killed his father and used his remain to represent Chandini’s su!c!de. He also tells police that Ravednra and Chandini used to meet regularly in this marriage hall and just a few days back his father caught then in compromising state so they hatched a plan to kill him.

inside story
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