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Crime Patrol: Chhal - Duo tried to fake girl's suicide, kills a security guard (Ep 3/4 on 17/18 July, 2019 on Crime Patrol Satark Season 2)
Case 68/2017: Fake incometax raids Batuk Parmar's home (Ep 864, 865 on 21, 22 Oct, 2017)
Case 37/2017: Aditya Singh's driver Alok Panday burnt alive to kill (Episode 812, 813 on 3rd, 4th June, 2017)
Chhaale: Gayatri Lonkar mysteriously leaves her home and goes missing (Episode 723, 724 on 15th, 16th Oct, 2016)
Tadbir: Double Murder, Basheer and his wife Saira found murdered in their locked home (Episode 707 on 9th Sep, 2016)
Tarkeeb: Bihar's conman Shekhar accused for Triple Murder (Episode 705, 706 on 3rd, 4th Sep, 2016)
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