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Crime Patrol: Bhram - Man tried to fake own murder, a case of human sacrifice (Ep 5 on 19 July, 2019)

Mandeep is the only son of his mother who leaves from his home in the morning with a friend Sukhdev and goes missing. His mother files his missing complaint in the police station and police come to know that Sukhdev is also missing from the same day.
On the same morning, Sukhdev had an irrelevant fight with his mother and left home saying he will not return.

मंदीप अपनी माँ का अकेला लड़का है। एक सुबह वो अपने दोस्त सुखदेव के साथ घर से निकलता है और फिर वापस नहीं आता। पुलिस अपनी तफतीश शुरू करती है और तब पता चलता है की सुखदेव भी ठीक उसी समय से गायब है।

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