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Bhram, Crime Patrol Satark Season 2: Man tried to fake own murder, a case of human sacrifice (Ep 5 on 19 July, 2019)
Case 20/2018: Rising DJ Tanveer Ansari found killed in his home (Episode 921, 922 on 19th, 20th May 2018)
Case 1/2018: Jilted palval woman Aarti planned to kill boyfriend with a country-made bomb (Ep 884-885 on 6-7 Jan, 2018 Crime Patrol Satark Season 1)
Case 72/2017: Indumati Sonkar (Geetanjali Mishra) Murder Case, Mau, Uttar Pradesh (Ep 872-873 on 18-19 Nov, 2017)
Case 64/2017: TCS Software Engineer Ankit Chauhan murder case (Ep 856, 857 on 27, 28 Sep, 2017 Crime Patrol Satark)
Case 41/2017: Hyderabad's NRI, a Customer Relationship officer in Abu Dhabi's National Bank Syed Imran killed (Episode 820 on 23rd June, 2017)
Case 26/2017: Businessman Manjeet Dhillo goes missing (Episode 790 on 14th Apr, 2017)
Case 17/2017: Ludhiana's Land Dealer Surender Arora Murder case (Ep 776, 777 - 10, 11 March)
Kalpanik: 20 year old Domestic help Sunil Panday goes missing (Episode 738 on 25th November, 2016)
Apmaan: Myterious murder case took two years to solve (Episode 502, 503 on 2nd, 3rd May 2015)
A game of Diabolical and Masquerade (Episode 261, 262 on 21st, 22nd dec 2013)
Party Worker Mangesh Kadam found dead in his office (Episode 93)
Bikramjit Singh, mastermind behind a plan to kill his office colleague (Episode 42 on 17th September 2011)
23 year old Mala goes missing after her friend's Birthday party (Episode 24 on16th July 2011)
Planned Shooting: Ep 12 on 4 June, 2011 Crime Patrol Dastak Season 2
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