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Crime Patrol: Bhram - Man tried to fake own murder, a case of human sacrifice (Ep 5 on 19 July, 2019)
Intezar: 10 year old Mahesh Singh's missing case solved after 10 years (Episode 629, 630 on 28th, 29th February, 2016)
Crime Patrol: Nagin - Bhoori's father and in-law's claims that she is a "Ichchadhari Nagin" (Crime Patrol Dial 100 Episode 92, 93 on 10th, 11th February, 2016)
The Human Touch: Facebook helped reuniting Sikkim boy Anand to his uncle (Episode 389 on 4th July 2014)
Shaitaan (Colors TV): Senior Citizen Sujata Mane Killed By Grandson (Episode 52 on 7th July 2013)
Crime Patrol | Domestic violence forces ranjana to end life (Episode 158 on 22 Sep 2012)
Nagram senior citizen Ganga and Radha mishra murdered  (Episode 16 on 18th June 2011)
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