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Crime Patrol | A father's struggle for his Dr*g addicted teenage daughter (Episode 219, 220 on 9, 10 march 2013)

Highs and Lows
एक मुट्ठी बादल...

Narsimha Murthi (portrayed by Ali Raza Namdar), serves as a supervisor in an institution. Residing with his wife and two daughters, Anita (played by Muskan Bamne) and Anjali (played by Sheetal Kaur), he leads a modest family life. However, Murthi is deeply concerned when he notices a decline in his elder daughter Anjali's academic performance. This concern escalates when the school principal informs him about the discovery of objectionable items in Anjali's possession.

Shocked and dismayed, Murthi investigates further and is devastated to find dr*gs in his own drawer. Overwhelmed with disappointment and anger, he confronts Anjali, expressing his dismay and reprimanding her severely. In response, Anjali promises her father that she will refrain from such behavior in the future.

Anjali played by Sheetal Kaur

Despite Murthi's efforts to address the situation and his hopes for Anjali's recovery from this addiction, the ultimate success of his endeavors remains uncertain.

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Here is the inside story of the case:
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