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Crime Patrol Inside Story Videos | List 13

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State v/s Nikhel Bhosle: Court's Landmark verdict on Revenge P*rn (Courtroom Episode 5, 6 on 22, 23 Feb, 2019)

Tanuja Satam aka Tanu wants to die because her private videos got uploaded on the internet by someone. Her brother informs her about this who has seen her video himself on a P*rn website. Tanu is shaken after watching her own video. Watch Video.

State v/s Geeta Jagtap and Other: Serial Killer & Rapist Sushil Singh mob lynched to death by a crowd of 200 women (Courtroom Episode 3, 4 on 16, 17 Feb 2019)

Entire Indira Nagar is living in terror of Sushil Singh who has raped and killed many women but police never took any action against him because he has fine tuning with them...Watch Video.

State v/s Viky Chaudhary and Others: Politician's son shoots Innocent Ravi Goyal in a road rage (Courtroom Episode 1, 2 on 9, 10 Feb, 2019)

18 year old Ravi Goyal is coming back from a party with his friends. They are five friends together while one of them is driving the car. Another car which is moving towards the same direction followed by their car is not giving pass to them...Watch Video.

Case 72/2017: Indumati Sonkar (Geetanjali Mishra) Murder Case, Mau, Uttar Pradesh (Ep 872-873 on 18-19 Nov, 2017)

Shalini (played by Neetu Pandey), Minakshi (played by Geetanjali Mishra), Sunita (played by Melanie Nazareth) and Priyanka (played by Kaushambi Bhatt) are real sisters. Shalini is eldest among them and Priyanka is the youngest...Watch Video.

Case 31/2018 (Bengali): Income tax Inspector Lokesh Chaudhary's wife Munesh goes missing

Bisabi (real name Munesh, played by Devika Sharma) wife of a PWD officer is missing from last 12 days. Her husband Vikram Singh (real name Lokesh Chaudhary, played by Nikhil Pandey) is putting more pressure on police to find her but police is not able to find any lead...Watch Video.

Case 37/2018 (Bengali) : Undercover CID Officer Puneet Died of an Heartattack (Episode 943)

Undercover CID Officer Puneet lives with his wife and kids. A night while returning from his works he goes missing...Watch Video.

Real life "Dhadak": Telangana's Amrutha-Pranay honor killing case (Dial 100 on 4th Oct 2018)

Pranay murder case was a hottest news during September this year. Pranay who comes from a lover cast family was in love with a upper cast family girl Amrutha...Watch Video.

Case 33/2018: A sister's plan to kill her brother went awry (Episode 941 on 2nd Dec, 2018)

Gauri wants to kill her brother Shirish Bhagwe. She plans to mix poision in the fish curry made for her brother. That day before leaving for temple with her mother she makes Fish curry-rice for Shirish...Watch Video.

Mohre: Man borrows friend's wife to win the election (Dial 100 Episode on 26th Sep, 2018)

Story revolves around a political party leader Sikandar Ali Khan (real name Shafi Ahmed). Sikandar Ali is a powerful politician on the area who is continuously winning every election from last 15 years...Watch Video.

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