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Crime Patrol | Case 37/2018: Undercover CID Officer Puneet Died of an Heartattack (Episode 944 on 29 Dec 2018)

2018 का सैंतीसवां केस
Case 37/2018
First time Moin Azam Khan in a Negative role
Undercover CID Officer Puneet lives with his wife and kids. A night while returning from his works he goes missing. His wife raises police complaint also asks his senior officer if he sent him for some secret operation but he also has no clue about Puneet.
The next day his body is recovered by the police. Postmortem report reveals that he died of a heart attack while his family is sure that he never had such health issues related to heart! Police start their questioning with wife Swati, her friend, and friend's husband Anand but do not reach some conclusion.

Both CID and police teams are doing an investigation at their end. In meanwhile Puneet's second postmortem report reveals that he did not die of a natural heart-attack but an injection was given to him that invoked heart-attack and he died.
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Based on the murder case of IB Officer Chetan Prakash Galana. He found dead while returning to his home in Jhalawar, Rajasthan. The postmortem report revealed that he died of Heart Attack.

This is the first time Moin Azam Khan played a negative role in crime patrol.


Here is the inside story:

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