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Crime Patrol Inside Story Videos | List 2

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Three accused in Satyendra Dubey murder case (Crime Patrol Episode 99,100 on 6th-7th March 2012)

Satyendra Kumar Dubey (Hindi: सत्येन्द्र कुमार दूबे)(1973 - 27 November 2003) was a project director at the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI). He was murdered by in...Watch Video.

Muslim buy raised by Hindu Man and Supreme Court Approval
(Episode 69, 70 - Dec 2011)

किशनदास इमरान का स्कूल में दाखिला भी कराता है और उसके बाद एक अजीबोगरीब फैसला लेता है की वो इमरान को इस्लाम की तालीम भी दिलवाएगा. चूँकि इमरान एक मुस्लिम है तो उसे उसके धर्म से वंचित रखना बिलकुल भी ठीक नहीं है. लोग उसको समझाते है की ये सही नहीं है, एक मुस्लिम बच्चे को...Watch Video.

NDTV Falak case coverage (Crime Patrol 1st, 2nd March 2012)

Rani (Played by Nidhi Jha), a 13-14 years girl brings a 3 years baby girl with her to AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences). Baby condition is critical and doctors are shocked to see her burned and injured throughout her body...Watch Video.

Manipur girl Tanya rape case in Dwarka-Delhi
(Episode 83 on 10 Feb 2012)

Delhi, always known as the most unsafe city for Females. The case is about a Middle East Manipur 20-year girl Tanya who works in a spa center...Watch Video.

Lesson: 13-year boy Dilshan murder case ( Episode 79, 82 on 27th, 28th January 2012)

CHENNAI: Jul 4, 2011. A 13-year old boy in north Chennai died after he was shot when he scaled a wall to enter the army's residential quarters, triggering public protests and condemnation by the Tamil Nadu chief minister...Watch Video.

Acid Attack Victim Rashmi (Inderjit) Kaur fights for justice
(Episode 267 on 6th July 2013)

"I feel ashamed to be born in India, Had I been born is the US or some other country, such a thing would have never happened," says Inderjit, who sees life from behind a veil now...Watch Video.

Nagpur techie Aditya Khare found dead
(Episode 266 on 5th July 2013)

DESCRIPTION...Watch Video.

A game of Diabolical and Masquerade (21st, 22nd Dec 2013)

Ashutosh, a BCom student from the University of Kanpur and basically from Karampur village found murdered at his rented room at Kanpur. Ashutosh is the younger brother of Gajendra who has an electricity shop at...Watch Video.

High Stakes: Innocent killed in IPL Betting
(Episode 258 on 14th June 2013)

14-year-old Raju Panchal goes to collect his father's car's key and goes missing. His father Sanjay get a call for a ransom of 20 lac. All are in shock and Sanjay's elder brother suggests he raise FIR...Watch Video.

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